“Enjoy PIN-Less dialing and LOW international rates to call anywhere in the world”

  • It’s Simple – No PIN,No Hassle,Guaranteed Minutes Delivery
  • It’s Affordable – No hidden Fees,No Expiration,No Contract to let you down
  • It’s Convenient – Use from your Home,Cell or Business phone or simply use our mobile apps


Buy credits & get extra minutes

Speak your way anywhere in the world

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“Dial Local,Reach International, Save in your Address Book”

  • It’s Simple – Tag Your International Number with these Hot Number and Dial Always Local
  • Manage Hot Number – from Your Client Portal
  • It’s Convenient – Forget your International Number, just Dial Local


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“Save Up to 99 Speed Dial with Shiny Voice”

  • Manage – from Your Client Portal
  • Save Time – by using Speed Dial
  • It’s Convenient – When prompted just Dial *# and follow the main menu prompt

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“With Auto Recharge, add funds to your account automatically and you will never run out of talk time”

  • Recharge – Recharge account using credit card
  • Auto Recharge – will let your get automatic fill when low balance
  • It’s Convenient – get notified when your balance is low

Automatic recharge save your time

Auto Recharge

“You can check your account at anytime including, date, time usage, cost and balance”

  • It’s Simple – View your account statement
  • Monitor -Your Calls Details Online
  • It’s Convenient – Login from your Desktop or Mobile apps

Check calls details